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Who is Pure Bliss Clothing

Darrel Williams

Posted on December 05 2017

Co-Founder | Pure Bliss Clothing

Who Are We?


Pure Bliss Clothing is an affordable online fashion boutique. We were created to cater to the beautiful in all women with the sole purpose to bring out that sheltered confidence, we women sometimes tend to hide.

As Co-Founder of Pure Bliss Clothing, I, myself was once that sheltered non-confident woman, always seeking approval from others and not looking for that approval within my self. Constantly being teased and ridiculed for being obese, left me with very low self-esteem. In 2007, I was faced with a very difficult health decision to have gastric bypass. Fearing that obesity and my unhealthy life style would prevent me from enjoying what was really important, my family, I agreed to have the surgery.  

Not only did this surgery help me to live a healthier life style, it opened my eyes to the more beautiful aspects of life. It allowed me to see how society dictates the view of others that do not fit into our "perfect normalcy" as defined by media, lifestyle and culture.

My decision to have gastric bypass was a personal health decision, yet the journey was remarkable. Aside from the weight loss, I gained a greater perceptive of life. As a formal model, I was honored to meet so many women of all shapes and sizes. I realized it's not the outer appearance that matters most its the inner beauty, confidence of self and boldness to believe in YOURSELF.

With a new outlook on a healthier lifestyle and extreme bold confidence of self, I was able to rid myself of that negative, never satisfied with self appearance, low self-esteem, always depressed attitude and mindset. 

I FREED myself!

With that thought alone, Life Is Too Short. Beauty is Confidence. So, why the start if Pure Bliss Clothing you ask?! It has always been my dream to inspire women. What do the majority of women like to do the most?! Yep! You got it shop!! 


Well what better way to feed our confidence! For women, we shop for shoes, clothes and accessories that make us feel beautiful, fabulous and show stopping. We demand the room with our sense of class and style. As emotional creatures all of these aspects combined develop our confidence and sense of self beauty.

For that reason alone was why Pure Bliss Clothing was established.

We cater to all women. We want all women to feel beautiful while in style. Our looks are bold and classy for the everyday business woman to the fun Friday girls night out type of woman. That woman is in all of us, that's for sure!

We must not forget about our Mothers!!

As a mother of 4 boys and a husband, I know first hand about the body changes of child birth, the never a dull moment in household, the constant need and desire for moms attention, the constant perception of mom being the maid of the house, the non-existence of alone time unless forced by hiding in our secret spot...Yes, all of these things...I'm aware.

Although, these moment are all priceless and we wouldn't have it any other way. We still need a mini mental vacation!! So what makes us happy, release those feel good hormones, boost our self confidence and bring out the sexy in us every time?!

That's right...  Shopping!

So why not Shop in Pure Bliss!

Sit back, relax, grab a glass of your favorite champagne, kick your feet up, turn on your Off-Duty sign, grab your laptop or mobile and Indulge Yourself in Pure Bliss! This is our purpose. To help bring out the beautiful in you...

Feels like Pure Bliss and a Blissful Sense of You to me!!

We are here to help!

Enjoy our Affordable Prices, Trendy yet Classy Styles and Fast Worldwide Shipping.

Don't be a stranger let us see your Bliss!

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- Love the Beauty in you Blisstie!

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"Indulge Yourself In Pure Bliss"

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